Our Video

If you are a photographer, especially in professional business you will not have much photos of you together with your sweetheart. Who should held the camera? So it was finally time to change on the other site and to give ourselfs into the hands of a pro photographer.

In September 2011 it was finally done, our own first casual portrait session at the Media Harbor in Dusseldorf. Normally “engagement shoot” called, but in our case after more than 16 very happy years since our own wedding, you could no longer name it an “engagement photo shoot”

It was a really great experience to stand in front of instead behind the camera. In any case, in 2012 we will repeat this with a new shoot. Here are some impressions in our video slide show with great music from themusicbed.com. Have fun!

Marcus & Claudi Our portraits Our videoDirektlink: Youtube & Vimeo