Waleria & Thomas ~ St. Audomar, Abtei Brauweiler & Stadtsaal Frechen

For Waleria and Thomas there was no question: when they get married, then with only with a German-Russian wedding, which takes up all the traditions and with a big…, really big party.

The appropriate location for the approximately 170 guests was quickly found: The city hall in Frechen. With support of family and friends the two have taken care on the entire organization and decoration on their own.

So they started early on Thursday with the preparations for the town hall and it was not just all finished in time, but it also was a really successful celebration! What all of them put together and also Thomas’ grooms man, who was very “demanded” that evening ;-), needs our highest respect.

To celebrate at first you have to say the final words “I do”. So it all started with the emotional wedding ceremony of Waleria & Thomas in the St. Audomar Church in Frechen. A “home game” for us like the subsequent bride and groom portraits in the park around the Abbey Brauweiler. Both forgot our cameras very quickly and so we created series of wonderful pictures in a very short time, in which Thomas wears his petite Valeria truly on hands …

What followed was a huge “entertainment” charged party. Here we will stay with the motto “what happens in the city hall, it remains in the city hall” ;-). But the only words we could say: for us as wedding photographer,  it was a really a big fun as well, to capture this wedding party.

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Instead of “brave” and conventional guest photos we could convince Waleria & Thomas of our concept “Claudi-Booth”. In according to a Photo booth, but here with a big heart and lot of guidance 😉

While I keep up documenting what happened in the hall, Claudi created unique funny guests images in studio quality.