“Claudi-Booth” ~ our heart driven Photo Booth

The Photo Booth, or in other words: the self-timed photo box. An awesome idea, if you like to have unique memories through fun and creative images from you and your guests at your wedding, private party or corporate event and provide them an additional attraction. We have now extended the subject Photo Booth by our service philosophy!

In the classic photo box solution your guests will position themselves in front of a box equipped with camera and monitor and press with a tethered cord or radio trigger. If everybody is in the image, looking in the camera (instead of the Monitor) or pressing the button at the right moment, it’s all alone in the hands of your guests.

Here we come in with our “Claudi Booth” philosophy and we have the “box” simply exchanged with our “Claudi”. Instead of a soulless machine, we offer you the human and heart driven alternative. Claudi assists your guests and put them proverbial creative in scene, stands aside with tips and makes sure that every of your guests is always perfectly presented. Whether it is one person or a whole group. For best image quality studio we use for illuminating a portable studio flash system, which, thanks to battery operation, do not need a power source.

A mountain of accessories offers countless combination possibilities for varied awesome photos and a great fun for “young and old”. Below some photos for your inspiration, instead from a wedding, this time photographed by Claudi at a corporate event at the Hyatt Regency in Cologne.

clb01-photo-booth-wedding-corporate-event-private-party-rental clb02-photo-booth-wedding-corporate-event-private-party-rental clb03-photo-booth-wedding-corporate-event-private-party-rental clb04-photo-booth-wedding-corporate-event-private-party-rental clb05-photo-booth-wedding-corporate-event-private-party-rental clb06-photo-booth-wedding-corporate-event-private-party-rental clb07-photo-booth-wedding-corporate-event-private-party-rental clb08-photo-booth-wedding-corporate-event-private-party-rental clb09-photo-booth-wedding-corporate-event-private-party-rental clb10-photo-booth-wedding-corporate-event-private-party-rental