Inessa & Dennis ~ City Hall Cologne & Osman30

For us as wedding photographers to have a civil wedding at the historic town hall in Cologne is always a challenge. Not to catch the actual wedding ceremony itself, but before and after the “real” guests of our wedding couple. In some cases you can speak of an informal “Meet & Greet” Cologne bridal couples there already 😉

Fortunately Inessa & Dennis have decided for a much quieter variant for their first official step in a life together and the YES-word was given in marriage room in the Spanish building of the city hall of Cologne. Here, especially at the beginning of a new period of life this made ​​the situation even more relaxed and private, at least at that date we were there “among us”.

Celebrated was then exclusively and with phenomenal view over Cologne in Osman30. The restaurant at the Media Park in Cologne tower was both a backdrop and location for the first images of the bride and groom. In addition to outstanding cuisine of the view from the terrace on the 30th floor is just unique. It’s a must see!

We are thrilled to be allowed to accompany the further steps of Inessa & Dennis love story. Before the great ceremonial wedding of the two is planned for next year, we catch up on the engagement shoot next and in one year you see here the great wedding story from this lovely couple.

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